Why Information Overload Is Killing Your Success

I’ve realized that in the Internet marketing niche what keeps most people from starting and taking action is the information overload that hits them every day.I know this because it happened to me.Most people distract themselves from taking action because they waste their time trying to learn all information they receive every instead of taking action.I was one of the persons that procrastinated every day and didn’t take results-producing actions.This is one of the things that hit me the hardest when I realized it was the one thing that was keeping me from success.I was receiving so many emails daily and learning about so many different topics that I never really used this time to take action. I was learning a lot but was not being productive.

The Reason Why You Are Having An Information Overload

When people are starting in this industry, they are passionate and excited because they see the huge possibilities that are available for their success.

At least in my case, I hadn’t realized that it was possible to make so much money in such a short period of time.

My paradigms where keeping my mind from the possibility to aim that high and set so enormous goals.

Due to this excitement people have, they become distracted with all the amazing information the marketers are teaching them but they never take action.

Most people are absorbing a lot of information but don’t take action on it.

The reason you are having an information overload is because you are subscribed to to many leaders and keep searching for the “right” information that will make you thousands of dollars as soon as you decide to start.

The good thing is that with all the information you have learned you can start producing results right now.

You just need to put it in order and take action.

How To Remove Distractions And Activities That Won’t Produce You Results

I was one of the persons that loved to learn but didn’t take action to start producing my own results.

By applying the tips below you are going to become more focused on starting your business and start giving in stead of only receiving.

These are tips I personally use to remove distractions that have helped me take action.


  • Unsubscribe from marketers that are not essential to you business success.
  • Choose 1 or 2 marketers you like and learn most of the information from them.
  • Focus on duplicating their actions to get their results.
  • Do not try to apply all the information that is given to you at once.
  • Pick a topic and focus all your energy on it.

How To Start Taking Action

  • Pick 1 or 2 traffic sources and work on them until they get you results. (Blogging, video marketing, fb paid ads, solo ads, etc)
  • Focus on using your time for results producing actions ONLY!
  • Write down a list of daily tasks that must be completed every day that will move you towards success.


  1. Listen to a motivational audio.
  2. Read 30 minutes of a motivational or business book.
  3. Write a blog post.
  4. Make a YouTube video.
  5. Send out an email to your list.

Start Now

If you want to change your future this is the most important aspect of all. The faster you want to get results the faster you need to start.

I was one of the persons that procrastinated hugely on starting.

I always desired to start making thousands of dollars online and to have a big business but never took specific actions to have this.

What helped me the most was to create my daily task plan because it reminded me of the things that I needed to do daily in order to grow my business.

It is important for you to set specific result producing tasks so the time you work on your business is productive.

One common mistake people do is they “work” a lot of time and then they ask themselves why aren’t they getting results.

The reason is because they are not productive on the time they work on the business and they don’t take action of results-producing tasks.

So my main advice for you is to stop procrastinating, start taking action daily on result-producing tasks and repeat until you get the results you want.

Hope this post has helped and motivated you to get started right now.