When an online game invites players to participate in a ‘social experiment’ network marketing campaign, it’s not an uncommon phenomenon

A recent example of a game that invited players to become ‘social experiments’ was “Lights Out”, a game with social-media elements where players could earn points to unlock new content.

In an interview with GamesIndustry International, “Lamps Out” lead game designer Jonathan Hwang said that “when you play the game, you get an invitation from your friends and your network.

So you’re not going to get points if you don’t do something.”

The result was a sense of community that was created by a game which encouraged players to join and engage with other players.

The social experiment network game was a huge hit, Hwang told GamesIndustries International.

“I think there were a couple million people playing the game within a month of it going live, but the game wasn’t designed with social experimentation in mind,” he said.

“So we kind of ran into this really, really cool problem of people being in a community that they’re already part of, and it was a really interesting way to engage with that.”

The social experiments game is one of the most popular online games in the world.

It has more than 13 million registered players and more than 40 million unique users, according to a GamesIndustrie survey conducted last year.

While Hwang acknowledged that social experimentation is a “hot topic” for games, he said that he wanted to focus on creating games that were “uniquely” about the players and their communities.

The game “Lamp Out” is a great example of that.

In “Lams Out”, players will be tasked with taking turns to interact with one another, in an attempt to unlock and collect a lamp.

“LAMP OUT” has a very different feel to other social experiments, Hang said, which made it a great fit for a “social experiment” game.

And that was something we really wanted to do.” “

It was something that had an unusual social experiment element to it.

And that was something we really wanted to do.”

The game will be released in 2018.