‘Divergent’ creator says ‘it’s the new gold’

Divergent author Veronica Roth, who’s also known for writing the critically acclaimed novel The Handmaid’s Tale, is taking a more direct approach to her next novel, The Handmaiden, which will be released in 2018.

The novel, based on the popular YA series by Elizabeth Bear, is set in a dystopian future where humans have been wiped out and only humans remain.

It follows a woman who is raised in a secret society that helps the humans who live in a distant land fight back against the aliens that have taken over the planet.

It was a tough decision to turn to the publishing world when the book was released in 2014, Roth told The Associated Press in an interview on Tuesday.

It took a while for people to understand what the book is about.

The novel is about a group of people who live a world of isolation and terror, where they don’t have a sense of community, and they have to fight to survive.

“It was really challenging, but it was really rewarding,” Roth said.

“When people started to understand it, it was like, ‘Oh, I can relate to that, too,'” she said.

A novel by the writer of The HandMaiden and the new Divergent film, Roth says it’s the future.

A future where people are being pushed around like animals.

A world where everyone is an addict and drug addict.

A dystopia that’s more dystopian than any book I’ve ever read, she said, because it’s an escape from the mundane, and more of an escape.

“I think it’s a good way to look at the world, and the human condition, and maybe even what we’re doing to ourselves,” Roth told the AP.

Roth, who won an Emmy Award for writing for HBO’s Silicon Valley, said the book’s title, which comes from an old proverb, is inspired by the word “divergent.”

In the novel, the story follows the story of a group who live underground and fight back when the aliens arrive.

It’s an alternate reality that’s very different from what we live in, she told the Associated Press.

It’s a tough world to live in and it’s tough to be human, she added.

“Divergence” has been praised by some critics, and many readers have enjoyed it.

Roth said she hopes it inspires other people to write about the things that make them happy and happy to be alive, and to write a story that has a happy ending.

Roths debut novel is the latest in a string of novels to be published by her publishing house, which includes The Road and The Night Circus.

The Wall St. Journal recently published excerpts from the book.