The latest ad from Zrii’s lending network shows a man struggling to pay his rent

Zriis network marketing company has posted an ad online that shows a struggling man with his belongings hanging in the air.

The video starts with a man standing on a balcony in the middle of an empty apartment building, surrounded by empty bags.

The man’s belongings are hung out in the open and he’s struggling to make rent.

The ad, which has received more than 2,000 likes on YouTube, tells the viewer to call the number listed on the advertisement to speak to a loan specialist.

The narrator says, “We’re in a tough time right now.

Your help is needed.”

The ad features the same man, now with a different name and appearance, standing on the balcony of a different apartment building.

The person who recorded the ad, called Zriisi, says the man’s experience was the same as the other.

“We know how difficult it is,” Zriiscam said.

“We understand what he’s going through.”

Zriis lending network, which provides mortgage insurance and other financial products, says its network is the largest in the country.

It offers loan insurance at rates up to 30 per cent lower than traditional lenders, with a maximum limit of $500,000.

Zriisi said its products can help people get into the housing market.

It is offering its services through the Zriisli loan specialist, who can help anyone make a mortgage payment and apply for a credit line to help pay off their debt.

The company also said it is working to improve the service.